What is SoupSwap ?

SoupSwap is multi-ecosystem decentralized finance platform built on Binance Smart Chain that operates on a decentralized network, eliminating intermediate restrictions and supporting thousands of decentralized applications (Dapp). SoupSwap provides maximum security and performance to optimally save time and costs; the decentralized application chain maximizes profitability and handles multiple transactions thereby raising the position of the decentralized financial platform to new heights.

1. Our Solutions

SoupSwap was developed with the aim of improving the scalability of decentralized applications together with maximizing performance, minimizing fees and providing liquidity for the community. By pursuing this mission, SoupSwap has encouraged the team to build the most diverse and powerful ecosystem to meet the needs of millions of global users and investors.

2. Platform SoupSwap

- SoupSwap is a feature-rich, decentralized cryptocurrency swap platform allowing global customers to participate in real-time peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges.

- SoupSwap removes any forms hindering liquidity pooling from issuing new assets: asset ratios, liquidity depth, fee rates, and other parameters can all be freely customized and configured according in real-time.

- The high capital efficiency support supplies of small tokens, reduces abnormal losses, and minimizes investors’ falling prices. The advantage of fastest processing speed (2000 TPS), security, low fees, and a user-friendly interface, protects the Soup Swap platform against crypto price manipulation on Defi market.

- Additionally, Soup Swap integrates many features on the Defi platform to help users find and secure more assets.

3. Highlights Of SoupSwap

- The SoupSwap Ecosystem was built to support the development of a decentralized platform providing many criteria: security, low cost, fast processing speed, anti-crash, support Start-Up Defi, …

- SoupSwap recognized the need for a staking solution for multiple Token Defi handling covering the administrative functions of token issuers and holders.

- SoupSwap optimizes asset values through staking thanks to a Multi-Bonded Proof of Stake (MBPoS) consensus mechanism.

- Compared to other PoS consensus protocols on the market, MBPoS does not limit a Stake’s asset value and other digital assets, thus guaranteeing asset value for millions of users.

4. Ecosystems Soup Swap

· What is Soup Swap?

- Swap-based SoupSwap is built on an automated field creation protocol (AMM — Automated Market Maker) that allows users to convert coins on the SoupSwap ecosystem, using Pool-bar accounts instead of setting buy sell.

- With fast and powerful development on a decentralized financial (Defi) platform, SoupSwap is the optimal choice for overall convenience.

- Investors can become a Liquidity Provider (LP) for a pool on SoupSwap by sending a token of equivalent value in exchange for other tokens in the pool.

· What is Soup Liquidity?

- In addition to the liquidity pools provided by the liquidity providers mentioned above, SoupSwap also develops the Soup Liquidity platform.

- This feature will automatically detect liquidity shortages in liquidity groups and automatically use instant loans on loan protocols through automated and integrated algorithms.

- This loan will be used to process liquidity promptly for liquidity groups in case of a shortage. This helps the ecosystem to be balanced and sustainable. These quick loans will be automatically distributed and delivered to project teams on time.

· What is Soup Staking?

- Soup Staking is a Staking service platform that allows crypto investors to Stake their identifiable PoS digital assets through a third-party service receiving the technical plan.

- We provide the platform to place fixed resources in the blockchain. For the set-up of them, SoupSwap depends on transaction values.

- Staking is conducted with validation jobs that lock your coins to be randomly selected in the protocol at a specific time to generate a block. Normally, participants with large sums of money have a high chance of being selected as validators for the next block.

· What is Soup Pool?

- A key element of the SoupSwap ecosystem is the Soup Pool. The Soup Pool provides new tokens with the potential for promotion and get closer to the Soup community.

- The Soup Pool allows projects developed on Binance Smart Chain to apply bootstraps by distributing a portion of their tokens to SPW token holders.

- Soup Pool is divided into two parts: Core and Community.

Core: the SoupSwap team will initially select a project.

Community: Projects that pass the community’s vote on the governance portal.

Note: Any project can distribute tokens through the Soup Pool, but only projects that win votes will be listed on the SoupSwap swap platform.

· What is Soup NFT?

- Besides the official token of the ecosystem, SPW, the SoupSwap project will also research and develop the NFT.

- NFT means “Non-fungible token”. It is a unique cryptocurrency that another NFT cannot replace. NFTs usually represent a digital asset or an asset tokenized from the real world.

- When you hold NFTs and coins, you first own two types of assets on the chain: the NFT and the coin which share the same properties of blockchain: decentralization and anonymity. Additionally, you can store NFT on a blockchain wallet, and retrieve and sell similar coins. However, with the degree of toxicity and being “irreplaceable”, an NFT is expected to increase in price. Over time, it will accumulate value with the expectation that the next transaction will be priced higher than the previous one.

· What is Soup Lottery?

The lottery is a special program of the SoupSwap ecosystem. Like the traditional lottery, users will spend tokens buying lottery tickets and receiving valuable rewards when their lottery tickets coincide with the SoupSwap lottery results.

General information:

- Lottery ticket price:

- Limit the number of lottery tickets when buying:

- When buying a lottery ticket, the buyer will be given a random 4-digit combination with each number between 0–9, for example, “1–9–3–2”

Lottery Policy (winning policy): the Project owner decides

- When all 4 numbers match the results of the SoupSwap rotation

+ Expensive detox

+ Rewards

· What is SoupSwap (SPW) Token?

- SPW token is a native token of SoupSwap protocol to incentivize them to stay with the SoupSwap. Holding the SPW token means holding a share in the governance of the protocol. All SPW token holders can decide the subsequent chains to implement SoupSwap on, how much SPW to distribute to LPs in the new chain, which new token projects SoupSwap should support.

Tokens as the Soul of Projects: Value and Growth

- A crypto project without a sound and sustainable tokenomics is, in our opinion, “soulless”, because tokens serve two crucial primary functions: value encapsulation and growth incentivization. The SoupSwap team has been designing and will always design future token economy models with these keywords top of mind.

- We will be running highly cost-effective incentive programs and initiatives to help facilitate and ensure the continuous growth of the SoupSwap platform and SoupSwap community. In the meantime, the SPW token will be the ideal vehicle for capturing and representing the value of the SoupSwap’s economy and ecosystem, and the collective value of the platform will be shared equitably and generously with our loyal supporters.

Contract Address: 0x604d105f2f1f68641a000f03b5dc557bfffdb8fe

Token Name: SoupSwap

Symbol: SPW

Decimals: 18

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Platform: BEP-20

Max Supply: 98.000.000 SPW

· Where to store SPW token?

- SPW token is an Bep-20 token, therefore you can store SPW in an Smart Chain address (Metamask, TrustWallet, Wallet Connect, Binance Chain, Coinbase Wallet, and others).

- Make sure you own a private key/seeding phrase and can access the Smart Chain address. On the TrustWallet app, import your address you received SPW > switch the network to Smart Chain > you will see your SPW balance.

· What is the SPW distribution plan?

TEAM: 5%








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